Grizzly g0899 table saw review

If you’re looking for a table saw, you’re probably in need of something that can cut firewood, or rip apart sheet goods. You also need something that can cut through sheet goods without stripping out a bunch of the goods.

The Grizzly G0899 table saw is one of the most affordable hybrid table saw options on the market. They combine the accuracy of a contractor’s saw with the ripping power of a cabinet saw, making them appropriate for almost any application.

10″ Grizzly G0899 Table Saw (Hybrid)

Grizzly g0899 table saw review

Who Is This Grizzly g0899 table saw review For?

For woodworkers, the Grizzly G0899 table saw is a professional-grade machine. You can build projects to your specifications with its rich set of features for precision woodworking. The Grizzly g0899 table saw allows you to cut both softwoods and hardwoods with no restrictions. This is durable, sturdy, and powerful enough to rip through even the hardest of woods.

What’s Included in the pack of Grizzly g0899 table saw?

The Grizzly G0899 is a table saw, which operates with a motor to turn a blade that makes the saw cut through wood. It works by cutting the wood material into smaller pieces, which can then be used as parts of a more substantial project. The Grizzly G0899 is designed for industrial use and is commonly used for making wooden furniture.

This table saw fits the bill on all accounts, featuring a dual-bevel system that can be adjusted to make a finer cut. The saw’s fence is powered by a single motor, so you don’t need to worry about the blade getting caught up in the fence. In addition, the cast iron base is sturdy, so it doesn’t warp over time as most saws do.

Including the big machine. You will see a blade guard with two driving knives in it, a fence for the daddle stack, a push stick, dust collection parts, a plate wrench, knobs, two handwheels, a door to the motor, and collection hoses. All components are made from premium quality materials and can be used for heavy-duty applications.

Overview of the features of Grizzly g0899 table saw

Grizzly g0899 table saw review

The G0899 table saw from Grizzly offers excellent value for the money. It is ideal for contractors and homeowners on a budget since it has a 2 HP motor and 16 amp motor circuit.

The popular grizzly G0899 is suitable for the mid-sized workshop, offering a 10″ (25.4cm) high-quality carbide-tipped blade, built-in blade guard, adjustable stand for up to 300 lbs., and a dust port for efficient dust collection.

  1. Reduces noise and vibration with a poly-V drive belt
  2. Table made of precision-ground cast iron
  3. Tronions mounted in the cabinet
  4. Durable powder coating
  5. Aluminum 2-position rip fence with luxury features
  6. Handwheels made of chromed cast iron
  7. Miter gauge for heavy-duty work
  8. Micro-adjustable, easy-glide fence system.
  9. Table inserts – standard & dado
  10. Integrated blade guard with dust port
  11. System of quick-release spreaders and riving knives
  12. A hinged cover for your motor

Specifications of Grizzly g0899 table saw

Grizzly g0899 table saw review

Grizzly G0899 is the latest power tool from Grizzly Power Tools company, which is a well-known company in the USA for the last few years. The G0899 is a new stand-alone table saw with a variable speed drive system. It comes with an integrated laser guidance system and an integrated dust extractor. It is an excellent table saw for woodworkers who need a simple to use, easy to maintain and low-cost table saw. As far as specifications are concerned, the Grizzly G0899 is the market’s all-trumpet.

  1. Motor: 2 HP, 115V/230V (prewired for 115V), single-phase, 16A/8A
  2. Floor-to-table height: 34-1/4″
  3. Arbor diameter: 5/8″
  4. Arbor speed: 4000 RPM
  5. Max. Width of dado: 13/16″
  6. Rip capacity: 31-1/2″ right, 11-3/8″ left of blade
  7. Max. Depth of cut @ 90°: 3-1/8″
  8. Max. Depth of cut @ 45°: 2-1/8″
  9. Dust port size: 4″
  10. Footprint: 20-1/2″ L x 19-1/2″ W
  11. Approximate shipping weight: 449 lbs
  12. Table size with extension wings: 40-1/8″ W x 27″ D
  13. Distance from front of table to center of blade: 16-1/4″

Size of Grizzly g0899 table saw

Dimensions of the Grizzly G0899 table saw are 63″ x 40″ x 48″. This demonstrates how versatile the machine can be. This dimension is ideal for setting up a machine almost anywhere. If the machine is too large, it will be difficult to set up.

Grizzly g0899 table saw review

Also, small machines can be a headache since they cause problems while working. A snipper can’t handle the force of the pressure while the wood is being cut.

Therefore, I prefer the dimensions of the Grizzly G0899. Additionally, the weight of this also comes into play.

Weight and Durability of Grizzly g0899 table saw

The G0899 weighs in at just over 450 pounds, making it easy to handle for those who want to do heavy-duty work. The G0899 is ideal for cutting lumber, framing lumber.

When it comes to durability, the Grizzly G0899 table saw is one of the most popular machines among woodworkers. This is attributed to the quality and the price. The G0899 is a heavy-duty machine, which means you can work with heavy materials like lumber. The G0899 table saw is designed to cut up to 3×3-inch lumber as well as 4×4-inch lumber. It also has a built-up fence that helps you to cut pith.

Tips for using the Grizzly g0899 table saw

Although the machine comes with a dust filter, I will also suggest that you take extra care to dust the machine after each use. The largest factor contributing to the low longevity of any kind of machine is dust. Most importantly, everyone knows about this but doesn’t take it seriously.

Try to clean the tabletop after every use and clean the tiny places where your hand may not reach. I prefer to clean them weekly. 

Keeping the machine oiled is a good habit and every machine should be given this extra attention. Your machine will last for a long time if you do this.

What makes the Grizzly G0899 table saw the right choice for you?

Grizzly g0899 table saw review

When building a home, furniture is considered to be a part of the decoration. A house’s appearance and beauty are enhanced by furniture and furniture accessories. When you are buying furniture, you are buying furniture, you should ensure that it is healthy and comfortable for you. High-quality furniture that does not make your body uncomfortable. The table saw plays an important role in making a set of comfortable furniture.

As any woodworker will tell you, a table saw is an essential tool for building furniture. But the very top-of-the-line table saws can cost thousands of dollars, and that can be tough to justify if you’re only making small pieces of furniture. Enter the Grizzly g0899 table saw, a tabletop saw that’s ideal for a wide range of tasks, including cutting full sheets of plywood and cutting standard lumber.


Overall, the Grizzly G0899 table saw review suggests that it is a cost-effective, feature-rich table saw that cuts materials effectively. Those who want to save time and money with this saw, or simply want an excellent product, should consider it.

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