Glue line rip blade reviews

Glue line rip blade reviews & pro tips 2023

A glue line ripping blade’s job is to cut the wood so cleanly that it can be used to glue the pine. You will clearly see the differences in the cuts from a ripping blade versus a cross-cutting blade.

However, a question may arise in your mind: will it be required to do some extra work after cutting the wood with a ripping blade to glue the joint? In short, absolutely nothing. Out of the blade, the woods are ready to be joined.

It is a common misconception that any blade can give a clean cut ready for gluing. In reality, if you test the cut of an ordinary blade with your finger, you’ll see how much difference there is. An ordinary blade produces a good surface but leaves ripples.

A perfect example and best option for the glue line ripping blade is the LM74R010 model of Freud’s blade.

Why Freud for glue line rip?

The Freud blade has a reputation in the market and among the populace that is unparalleled. Freud is considered to be the premier blade manufacturer in the woodworking industry.

Compared to other blades, theirs last longer and are better shaped for dedicated work. Also, the glue line ripper is better shaped for dedicated use. In other words, its effectiveness is enhanced by its smooth operation.

Freud 10″ x 30T Glue line rip blade (LM74R010)

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Who Is This Product For?

The glue line ripping blade is for those who want to work on joint lumbers. The carpenter may want to consider Freud glue lines ripping blades for this work in order to attain a precise blade. 

Freud produces well-designed blades and the bestest quality. If a carpenter wants a top-quality glue line blade they can rely on this.

People who don’t know much about blades may not know how to select a blade. They may not know what should be considered, what the price range should be, and what size should be appropriate. The Fraud brand is considered a reliable brand as it does not manufacture faulty products.

What’s Included?

This blade doesn’t contain any other supportive stuff in the pack. To be exact, I don’t feel any more stuff should be added to the pack for making the blade work. Although if the manufacturer was kind-hearted, they could have added some blade cleaning material.

In any case, this blade is well equipped and satisfactorily constructed. You can be sure that this will be your friend at glue finishing cuts for a long time to come. I have seen some carpenters use a blade for 3-5 years. A Freud blade adds an extra layer of assurance. 

Overview of features

With its triple chip tooth design, this blade has a unique tooth design. Which is perfectly designed to give an extremely smooth cut and a much cleaner cut will give a far stronger attachment between two blocks of wood. As a result of the much cleaner line cut, the joint will be a lot tighter. 

Glue line rip blade reviews

It is possible to cut many different types of wood like plywood, hardwood, chipboard, laminate by using this blade. Thinner and thicker materials can also be handled with this.

You don’t need any extra effort to sand or join after the cut. The blade directly cuts through the wood as it is sanded, which reduces the working time and makes the work much cheaper. 

That’s how you can concentrate and invest your time in other tasks and your work becomes efficient.

The blade also features a laser-cut anti-vibration slot, which means the tip of every tooth of the blade works to give an excellent clean cut. In addition, each tooth’s pointy head is used as a support for the cut as well as a means of reducing vibration. Can be It is an absolutely technical feature that vibrations can be harmful when cutting cleanly and flawlessly. This unordinary look is common among line glue rip blades. 

Glue line rip blade reviews

The working range of this blade is 1/8“ to 1” thick. It is not that you can go beyond this size. But this is the ideal size for detail work.

This Freud glue line rip working blade has 30 triple chip teeth. Triple chips mean it has three points in every tooth, although two points are to support and reduce vibration which features TiCo high-density carbide tips.


This 10” blade has a dimension of 1x1x1 inches with a 5/8-Inch Arbor. Hook angle of this blade is 12”. And the kerf is 118”. This blade has a tick of 0.098″ on the plate.


If you look at the glue line ripping blades, they have a different type of blade head. You will see a wave head after each pointy head. When both of these are combined, you get the desired result. Efforts have been made technically to finish and complete this work perfectly.

The non-stick Perma shield not only provides extra durability but also provides a premium look and the key features are also written on that Perma shield.

Ease of Use

The name of this blade gives it its use, and that is also the reason you are here reading this blog. That’s because it provides glue-line ripping. The question is which will provide the best glue line ripping. From the discussion above, it is evident that the Freud glue line rip must be the ideal choice for a smooth cut suitable for gluing.

Weight and Durability

The weight of this freud LM74R010 is 2.18 pounds and the weight is perfectly suited for the cut like glue line rip. The head of the tooth is specially designed and requires a great deal of weight to support this type of tooth. On the other hand, the diameter of a blade is also interrelated with the weight of a blade.

With Freud’s red Perma-SHIELD coating, this blade is designed to withstand heavy use in less-than-ideal conditions while reducing friction and nearly eliminating excess heat buildup. A coating of this type protects your tools and work surfaces by providing complete thermal insulation. Using the blade for large-volume cutting applications also decreases blade warping because it resists binding.

Glue line rip blade reviews

Glue line rip blade reviews
Glue line rip blade reviews

Tips for using a glue line rip blade

For a better finish, try passing the wood slowly through the blade. That way, you will get more cuts per inch. This will give the wood a better finish.

Other tips will probably remain the same from my side, which is to make sure your blade and surface area is as clean as possible. You can use sewing machine oil co your blade for better cleaning.

Make sure that you are careful when using a sharp material such as a blade. Also, remember that while working in carpentry, you are surrounded by so much stuff which can cause harm to you.

If you want to ensure your safety, wear gloves and try to stay focused at all times.

What is the best blade for ripping?

You now have a clearer picture of everything. As far as glue line ripping blades go, the Freud LM74R010 is the best you can find. At least for now, the situation can change tomorrow, but it is what it is at the moment.

Can you crosscut with a ripping blade?

A ripping blade can, of course, be used for crosscutting. However, this is not something you would prefer to do. Generally, a blade with many teeth is used for cross-cutting, whereas a blade with fewer teeth is used for ripping. Thus, crosscutting can be harmful to your blade and reduce its longevity. Both crosscutting and ripping are possible with combination blades.

Since cherry wood is hardwood, it feels difficult to clean-cut them, which makes it ideal for gluing. By using the Freud ripping blade, you can easily provide a clean cut on cherry wood and prepare it for glue.

A blade will give you a reliable result if you use a high-quality blade and treat the wood well, along with regular cleaning of the blade’s resin.


Overall, a ripping blade is essential for gluing pines for many purposes and for cutting them cleanly. When choosing a blade, you should not be lazy, and also you should not choose an ordinary blade, such as a cross-cutting blade.

Only a carpenter can know the art of gluing, and only a suitable blade can be a warrior’s sword.

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