Irwin router bits review

Irwin router bits review & buying guide 2023

Router bits are simply a set of specialized-purpose cutters that allow you to cut multiple shapes out of wood. They are a type of hand tool used for making precise cuts in wood. Different types of router bits are used for different types of jobs. The router bits with a flute-like pattern are intended to be cut in tight places.

Irwin Tools 1901044 Marples Straight Router Bit

Irwin offers a wide range of hand and power tool accessories, and of the many, we like their router bits the best. We have tested several brands of router bits and have found that Irwin’s router bits are the finest we’ve used. The bits are made of high-quality steel, which helps them to remain sharp longer. The Vise-Grip handles are very comfortable, and they allow you to make quick adjustments to your router bit while reducing the risk of a hand slip.

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Irwin router bits review

It’s no surprise that Irwin is regarded as one of the premier router brands in the United States. Though we don’t know why this brand has endured for so long, we know that it is a reliable one. Irwin does not make the best router bits; it makes router bits that look good, works well, and last for a long time.

In this article, you will learn about a Marple’s straight router bit, which is produced by Irwing and is regarded as one of the most valuable router bits. That is to say, you will learn more about Irwin router bits review here.

3 Piece (Bit Set) Irwin Tools 1901044 Marples Straight Router

30 Piece (Bit Set) IRWIN 1901049 Marples Master Router

Who Is This Irwin router bits for?

The Irwin router bits are one of the most affordable router bits available today, and for the price, you get a router bit that is well-made and works really well! It’s suitable for woodworkers who want to do a variety of projects, but also need a strong router bit that can handle thick pieces of wood.

Irwin’s router bits are designed and made with the same precision and quality as Irwin’s other router bits. They’ve been used with great success by professional woodworkers and hobbyists alike. The Irwin 18-Point Router Bit is used by many woodworkers and hobbyists to machine the most difficult types of wood.

What’s Included in the pack of Irwin router bits?

This Irwin router bit set includes 3 of the most commonly used straight woodworking router bits. Every piece of this is well made. All of the bits are made of high carbon steel and are cut right to fit your router. 

They have a flat bottom and a straight cut to make them easier to use for your woodworking router. The Irwin name is a trusted name in woodworking and is liked by many woodworkers for its quality and a great selection of router bits.

Overview of the features of Irwin router bits

Without the proper bits and router, you could be wasting time, money, and energy on a project that will not give satisfaction. What’s the point of buying a new router or new router bits if the bits are dull?

Whenever a tool is used in different situations, it should be simple to handle and not difficult to master.

  • Finished with flat-bottomed carvings
  • Each place setting includes a wooden place holder
  • The set comes with three of the most commonly used straight woodworking router bits
  • Forms a groove or dado by cutting straight into material
  • An excellent finish, extended life

Size of Irwin router bits

The size of a router bit reflects its cutting capacity. The smaller the diameter of a cutting bit, the greater it’s cutting capability.

When it comes to router bits, larger is not always better. Generally, manufacturers manufacture their bits in an over-engineered manner. They machine the part out of aluminum and then apply a coating to give it a shiny look.

The reason that the size of a router bit is important is that the size of the router bit affects the size of the router base plate and how the router bit has to be installed in the router. The router that you use depends on the size of the router bit that you have. 

If you have a large router bit and your router base plate is small, then you will have to position the router bit in the router very carefully so that it doesn’t get damaged while the router bit is being cut. 

The dimensions of this Irwin router set are 1.6 x 5.5 x 6.6 inches. The three-piece sizes are 1/4“, 3/4“, 1/2“.

Ease of Using this Irwin router bits

Irwin router bits review

If you have ever used an Irwin router bit, then you know: they are incredible. Nothing is more accurate than an Irwin router bit. I know, there are other router bits out there, but none are as flat and smooth, or as easy to use.

The Irwin router bits are used for cutting different materials like wood and plastics, with varying degrees of success. In the end, the quality of the cut is determined by the machine and the skill of the operator.

Weight and Durability of Irwin router bits

The weight of your router bits has a great impact on the accuracy of your work. At the same time, you have to have enough weight in your router bits to cut through the material you are working on.

That’s why Irwin router bits are designed to perfect weight, so you can have the correct balance of weight and strength to get the job done. The weight of this bit is around 4.8 inches.

Irwin router bits are well made and durable and are very popular among woodworkers. Furthermore, they are extremely versatile and can be used in almost any application depending on the type of bit.

When you get a brand-new router, you will want to make sure you have the best, most reliable bits that will last for as long as possible. The Irwin router bits are one of the best bits available, and when you buy them you get a guarantee that is backed by Irwin. As well as a great product, Irwin offers a comprehensive guarantee. 

Tips for using the Irwin router bits

It is a good idea to practice on rough wood if you are not an expert in curve making so that you get a sense of the usability.

In the field of woodworking, plenty of accidents has occurred. It is important to always observe safety precautions and use the available tools. 


In summary, the Irwin router bits are among the most reliable on the market and are widely considered to be among the finest you can buy. Moreover, the bits are excellent value for money.

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