Hurricane turning tools review

Hurricane turning tools review and buying guide 2022

Turners are a class of machine tools that are used to cut, shape or finish the outside diameter (also known as a “turn”) of a cylindrical shaft or a workpiece that is rotated by the lathe. The type of cutting tool used depends on the type of workpiece being lathered.

One of the most significant parts of a lathe is the turning tool. Turning tools are used to cut the outside diameter of your workpieces. Through cutting, you can create threaded holes, slots, and circles. These tools are made of different materials and shapes. You have to find the right feeling for your turning tools if you want them to work best for your jobs.

Hurricane Tool and Supply are a local family-owned business that has been in the home improvement industry since 1981. They started as a small shop with a few employees, and now their staff consists of over 30 factory-trained and certified technicians. They carry a full line of high-quality tools and supplies for your home improvement needs.

Hurricane Turning Tools, HSS, 3 Piece Bowl Gouge Set

Hurricane turning tools are used to make wood bowls, like a pot for heating coffee, or a bowl for soup. Hurricane turning tools are sharpeners that remove wood from a hollowed-out wood block. The tool removes wood concentrically, and the point of the tool must be sharpened to reliminate wood.

The focus of this article is on hurricane-turning tools review. It is one of the most precious turners for the lathe.

3 Piece Bowl Gouge Set Hurricane Turning Tools

HTT-102 Hurricane Turning Tools High Speed Steel

Who Is This Hurricane turning tools For?

Hurricane turning tools make turning easier than ever. These tools are a great aid for anyone who needs to make multiple turns with the same tool. Hurricane turning tools are a safe and reusable way to shape wood.

Hurricane turning tools are for those seeking a precious result. Because this tool is long-lasting, it is perfect for anyone who wants their turning tool to last for longer.

What’s Included in the pack of Hurricane turning tools?

There are a couple of different sizes of turning tools available in the market. All of them are used for different purposes and turn several kinds of wood into various useable materials.

In this pack of the hurricane-turning tool, bowl gouges are in the following sizes: 1/2″ (5/8″ bar stock), 1/4″ (3/8″ bar stock), and 3/8″ (1/2″ bar stock).

They are all standard sizes, meaning the bowls this turner can create are common sizes.

Overview of the features of Hurricane turning tools

This hurricane tool kit is designed to help people accomplish their jobs. If you are looking for a hurricane tool kit that has all the processes in one kit, then you can choose it. The hurricane tool kit is quite versatile in design. It has all the tools that you need for your task.

Using these turning tools can provide you with huge advantages because of their features.

  • Features 1/2 inch (5/8 inch bar stock), 1/4 inch (3/8 inch bar stock), and 3/8 inch (1/2 inch bar stock) bowl gouges.
  • A solid beech handle is attached to a high-speed steel blade
  • Sets or individually available
  • HBGL-14, HBGL38, HBGL12 Hurricane Tools
  • Bowls and vessels are turned inside and out with this tool

Specification of Hurricane turning tools

Hurricane turning tools are a relatively new hurricane prep tool, and they’re not just meant for emergency kits, they’re also handy for everyday objects like bowls, trays, and plates. The gouges on the hurricane turning tool allow you to remove any material with ease, which makes them great for removing nails, screws, and other fasteners. The storm-proof handle and non-slip grip make them comfortable to use and easy to store.

The specification should be mentioned:

  • Lighter in weight.
  • Sharpening is easy.
  • Steel made.
  • Easy to hold.
  • Comfortable handle.

Size of Hurricane turning tools

It is always important to consider size when deciding on any noms. As for turning too, this involves a totally different level. For instance, a tiny turning tool can’t perform the same task as a large turning tool. Specific tools are designed for specific tasks.

In this pack of three, you will find 1/4″, 3/8″, and 1/2″ Flute, which will generally fit on any tool. Size does not depend on the length of a turning tool, but rather on the diameter of the shaft.

Ease of Using this Hurricane turning tools

There are plenty of tools available to turn bowls, but most of them are slow, cumbersome, and generally not very effective. 

The Hurricane Hurricane is a tool that works very well. This is because it is quick and easy to use, and can be applied in a variety of situations that otherwise would be difficult, frustrating, or dangerous. At the same time, it is compact and lightweight, so you can use it for many different applications.

Hurricane turning tools are effective for getting a better bawl shape with minimal effort.

Weight and Durability of Hurricane turning tools

It is important to know the turning tool weight when you work with turning tools. The weight of the turning tool is an instrumental factor in making the tool easy to maneuver. If the turning tool is heavy, it will be hard to move it and the decrease in turning tool capacity will put you at a disadvantage.

In addition, the weight of the turning tool is important since a lighter tool will make it easier to work longer, and your hand will not hurt.

The items in the Hurricane turning tools category weigh 1.15 pounds each and the total package weight is 3.59 pounds. The lighter weight makes this tool a smart choice.

Hurricane tool brands are often focused on producing a few products that are marketed to different buyers and are not meant to last forever. However, the Hurricane Hurricane-turning tools are made to last, so they can be used for years. The quality of these tools is also important, as they are made to work and last long. The Hurricane Hurricane-turning tools are made up of High-Speed Steel, and they are coated in a hard Black Oxide to make them durable and long-lasting.

Tips for using the Hurricane turning tools

I will suggest you keep the turning tools sharpened regularly. This will boost your productivity during design and reduce the amount of effort you have to exert.

Cleaning is one of the things I always recommend and recommend in woodworking. It is important to clean both the interior and exterior of lathes and turning tools. Mental fitness is a huge advantage in any kind of work and this can be increased by clean weather.

Always try to wear hand gloves to get a secure outcome.


In conclusion of hurricane turning tools review, we can say that all of these hurricane turning tools can help you get your job done. Different people have different needs, so having a wide selection is great. For example, if you are looking for a multi-purpose hurricane tool kit, then you should consider Hurricane Tool Kit. It’s a great product that has been tested for a long time.

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