Does tung oil darken wood?

Does tung oil darken wood?

When you apply a tung oil finish to wood furniture, it darkens the wood. And while some claim that this is a bad thing they use it anyway, and many others claim that it is neutral, with no downsides.

After using tung oil on wood for a long time, the wood darkens over time. However, we have always wondered if it was due to the tung oil or the wood.

We recently had a row of old oak tabletops that needed to be replaced. We had always used tung oil on the tabletops and also on the fence posts at the back of the house. So we can clearly say that Tung oil darkens wood if it is dark tung oil.

Does tung oil get darker with each coat?

Does tung oil get darker with each coat?

Dark Raw Tung Oil is a product that comes in a tube and can be used quickly to darken the wood. This is a process known as tung oiling. Dark raw Tung Oil contains no solvents or unwanted additives, so it leaves your natural wood color intact.

Dark Raw Tung Oil is a colorless, odorless product that is safe for use on all wood types. It offers excellent protection against the elements and can be used safely indoors and out.

The tung oil does get darker with each coat. Second, I think Pure Tung Oil would be best for a project that is going to get light colored over time. It doesn’t have the same darkening properties as Dark Raw Tung Oil and so it could fade over time and look flat.

Does tung oil darken butcher block?

Tung oil is a heavy oil that’s commonly used for painting, and it’s a great alternative to linseed oil because it dries to a dark, durable finish. It’s also perfect for butcher blocks and other wood surfaces since it has a high resistance to water, mold, and other common wood problems.

The dark tung oil darkened the IKEA butcher block beautifully. It gave the kitchen a rustic farmhouse feel. The matt finish of tung oil gives the kitchen a rustic farmhouse feel.

Is tung oil good for cutting boards?

Tung oil is a difficult oil to describe—it’s a time-honored method of darkening wood that is considered to be the very best way to protect your cutlery from food and other contaminants. Tung oil penetrates the grain, leaving a gorgeous finish, and it has a very smooth feel that resists chipping and scratches.

Pure tung oil is recommended for butchering and cutting blocks. Tung oil also makes excellent cutting board oil. Cutting board oil or butcher block oil is a food contact safe oil to seal and protect your wooden food preparation items such as butcher block countertops and wooden cutting boards.


To summarize, tung oil darkens the wood. This can be verified by using pure Tung oil on wood. We will make further tests using Tung oil on wood with other oils such as neatsfoot oil or linseed oil to determine if it is the tung oil or the oil that is causing the tung oil to darken the wood.

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