Infinity router bits review

Infinity router bits review 2022 – Is it good or bad?

A router has a number of different accessories that are used for different purposes. For example, a router bit is a tool for making precise cuts. The tool is held in the router by a collet. A collet is a threaded screw that is used to attach the router to the router table. 

A router is a machine used to make precise cuts in wood. Each type of router bit is used for a different type of job. Router bits come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. Router bits with a flute-like pattern are used to cut in tight places.

Router bits are one of the most versatile tools in a woodworker’s toolbox. With the right router bit, even the most difficult cuts look simple. An incorrectly selected router bit, on the other hand, can result in a hole that is too large for the project at hand. 

That is why it is so critical to choose the correct tool, and I am providing an Infinity router bits review in this article so that you will have an idea about a router bit.

Infinity Professional Router Bit

Infinity Cutting Tools is a name that customers know and trust. The company has been in business for over 35 years and has a reputation for being a company that is always innovating and coming up with new products. Infinity Cutting Tools was started by Tom McFerrin in a garage in Oldsmar, FL

Since it is one of the most popular router bits on the market, you may have heard of infinity bits. They are designed to cut wood quickly and easily, without tearing the wood fibers or chipping the wood grain. Infinity router bits use a special type of coating that dulls the cutting edge of the bit when the bits are turned away from the wood and back to themselves. In other words, infinity router bits are self-sharpening bits.

Precision Twist Infinity router bits

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Who Is This Infinity router bits review For?

Infinity router bits are the latest in technology from the router bits company. They are designed for a router bit to be a tiny fraction of an inch long and still allow the router bit to be used normally.

They are a great tool for those who are trying to space the bits out a little bit more while cutting. It is designed for those who desire bits that will get a nice, clean-cut without sacrificing any quality.

What’s Included in the pack of Infinity router bits?

Many times we need some equipment to make an operation or task easier. This infinity bit is an example of equipment that you need to make an operation or task easier. It is a router bit or you can say a router nose. It is a very useful tool that could make your work easier. It is used in making various things on your router table. Using this bit, you can perform intricate and small tasks.

Sometimes a router bit comes with some supportive tools. However, this infinity bit does not come with any supporting tools, and it doesn’t need any of them either.

Overview of the features of Infinity router bits

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Router bits are very useful in making various things on your router table, but they have one key limitation: they do not fit every router. If you have an older router that does not accept these bits or that lacks side-cutting, you can consider getting a replacement. However, a router bit is only as useful as its ability to cut into different types of materials.


  • The shank is 1/2″, the cutter diameter is 2″, and the profile depth is 1/2″
  • Cuts slots between 1/8″ and 1/4″
  • The cutting edge of a carbide
  • Your cut should be fine-tuned in .004″ increments

Specification of Infinity router bit

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Documents that describe the attributes or qualities of an object are called specifications. Understanding a router bit’s specification can help you determine if it can be used for milling. It is important to understand the value of specifications and how to use them to evaluate the usefulness of router bits.

  • Precision twist slot-cutting router bits
  • new spin on a traditional slot cutter
  • They’re infinitely adjustable from 1/8″ to 1/4″ 
  • Cut in .004” increments
  •  easy-to-loose shims
  •  stacked slot-cutting router bits
  • The bit includes a bearing that limits the depth of cut to 1/2″
  • Overall diameter of 2″

Size of Infinity router bit

Every tool has its own size, and router bits are no exception. I mentioned earlier that the For Slots 1/8″ to 1/4″ router bit is the size of the Infinity router bit. 

Ease of Using this Infinity router bit

Router bits are one of the oldest woodworking tools in existence, and they’re still in use today! These circular saw blades allow you to cut curves in wood, a process that’s much more effective than using a table saw or miter saw.

When most people talk about router bits, they are referring to a specialized tool designed to cut curves in wood. However, there is another type of router bit that can do a lot more than that.

With the infinity router bit, the wood is cut to perfection. Curves are made smooth using this bit. It is for this reason that everyone should opt for this router bit.

Weight and Durability of Infinity router bits

Router bits are used to make perfectly straight cuts in wood and the difference between a heavy and a light router bit is not only vital to achieving a clean and crisp cut, but also a significant part of why you chose that particular router bit over others. 

If you have ever been in a woodworking shop and stood over a table saw with a router, you will have noticed that each router bit affects the wood differently and each router bit is different in weight.

You may have heard that router bits are expensive and fragile. However, the infinity router bit is a different story altogether. This product is made of high-quality material, which is long-lasting and durable. 

As a result of the high-quality material, they retain their sharpness for a longer period of time. The result is a high-quality product that will not lose its sharpness and durability.

Tips for using the Infinity router bit

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When you use a dull router bit, your wood may end up in a disaster curve. Therefore, I recommend everyone to choose a sharp router bit every time.

Keeping the router and bits clean after each use will create a more preferable working environment.

Scratching the bit properly is a technical task, so you should do it properly. Otherwise, you may cause an accident.

Why Infinity router bits are the right choice for you?

The infinity router bits are ideal for you since many router bits have thin blades that become dull quickly, but the blades of this infinity bit are thick. You know how frustrating it is to only be able to do half the job when using a router with a dull blade. Not any other router bit can match the sharpness of this one.


In conclusion, Infinity router bits are a great investment for your woodworking projects. Infinity router bits are designed to cut quickly and easily but maintain a consistent finish quality. 

The Infinity router bit is the perfect way to cut through material without tearing the material or leaving behind a chipped edge. You can be sure that your cutting will be smooth.

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