Avanti saw blade review

Avanti saw blade review & buying guide (2022)

When it comes to saws, the blade is the most important component. No matter how sturdy the saw is, if it doesn’t come with a reliable blade, it’s worthless. In this, i will explain the ins and outs of Avanti saw blade review, which will be the focused blade of this article.

Saw blades are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. For the most part, a saw blade is a thin piece of hardened steel mounted to the teeth that cut wood. Generally, they’re used to cut the wood into pieces with greater depth and width. 

Saw blades are a consumable product and as such, they have a limited lifespan. As more time passes, their performance degrades and before long, they will no longer cut efficiently. When the time comes to replace your saw blade, it’s highly recommended that you select a saw blade that can be used on your brand of saw.

AVANTI Saw Blade Review (10 in. x 60 Tooth) Fine-Finish Circular Saw Blade

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Why Avanti blades are the right choice for your power saw?

There are many different types of blade brands available in the woodworking field. I must say the list will be no less than 30. Among them, Avanti is the most preferable for various reasons.

For this blog, we will be highlighting the Avanti pro circular blade. Although, Avanti makes both circular and Sawzall types of blades.

Money-back guarantees: The Avanti Pro comes with a 45-day money-back guarantee, which is unusual since the blade is not long-lasting and becomes blunt over time.

Price: As opposed to other blades that cost more than 50 bucks, the Avanti blades cost between 15 and 25 dollars.

Build quality: Made from carbide reinforced steel which makes it durable and long-lasting.

Size: It is the appropriate size to use this blade for multi-tasking.  

Weight: I would say that the Avanti pro has a weighted blade that weighs approximately 0.30 pounds.

The number of teeth: The Avanti Pro, which has 80 teeth, makes it more convenient and most suitable for any type of wood.

Those are the key points of an Avanti blade, to be exact, Avanti Pro is the right choice for your power saw.

Who Is This Product For?

This Avanti Pro is ideal for those who wish to have a blade for their power saw at a reasonable price. It is easy to buy a high-price range blade, but a wise person will look for a product that will provide a sensible result at a reasonable price. It is not always the case that a high-budget product will yield a high-end outcome.

All in all, this is an option for people on a budget who would like to use a blade for man-made wood like plywood and MDF.

What’s Included?

This blade doesn’t come with any other accessories in the pack but you will not require any other stuff with it. With its versatility, you can use it for a variety of purposes, from natural wood to custom wood. It is beneficial to have a lightweight blade since it reduces the strain on the cutting tool. Furthermore, it will improve cutting and precision.

Overview of Avanti saw blade review features

You can cut with this blade:

  1. Hardwood.
  2. Softwood.
  3. Plywood.
  4. Molding.
  5. MDF.

There is a blade for almost every type of wood you’ll see around you, as they cover 90% of the types you’ll encounter.

The blade provides a fine and clean cut which is sometimes lacking in some of the blades we can see on the market.


Avanti is a 10’’ (254mm) blade and has 60 teeth. Alternatively, Avanti Pro comes with a blade that is 12″ and has 80 teeth. That makes it clear that it is usable for almost all types of wood since the maximum number of teeth is necessary for multilayer wood like plywood. The dimensions are used for depth purposes only. The dimension of Avanti Pro is ‎1 x 1 x 1 inches. This is because you don’t need to look the other way if you are a household person and want to use a to handle the tasks of your household. 

Ease of Use

On top of those general features, this blade comes with some key points which are lacking in other brands. It does come from the reputable brand Diablo, making it a wise choice and reliable.

Considering the price range of this blade, it is a great product within the budget range. The parents brand Diablo also has the same featured blade which is approximately $15 more than the Avanti Pro.

Weight and Durability

Despite being lightweight, Avanti blades are durable and suitable for different power tasks. With this blade, you can use circular saws, table saws, and miter saws. Moreover, the Freud Diablo saw blade measures 0.3 pounds.

The packaged weight of this blade is approximately 1.18 kilograms. This blade comes in a handy package from Avanti. When you look at it, you will feel like you are looking at a premium product.

Tips for using Avanti

The blade should be attached tightly as much as possible. That’s how it will not get detached or loose when you cut the wood.

What is the best saw blade for cutting hardwood?

In terms of cutting hardwood, the best saw blade depends on your needs. If you use your saw often, you may want to consider a rip blade. Typically, rip blades have 10 to 40 flat-topped teeth, which is not a large number, but it will move quickly through the grain. Meanwhile, if you just need to make a small adjustment to furniture, you could employ a hand saw. The term “hand saw” is used to describe small woodworking saws without long blades that are available at home improvement stores.

Can I use an Avanti blade on a Dewalt circular saw?

The Avanti blade is designed to fit Dewalt’s circular saws and is made of the finest steel, so they are optimized for sawing through wood. They also have a beveled, scalloped cut for more accurate cuts. Avanti blades are designed for cutting wood, but I have never tried to use them on the other blades which are intended for cutting metal.


In spite of Avanti being the ideal blade in a budget range, some may wish to choose another one. For me, this is completely natural.

If you would like to choose another one, you may choose the DEWALT DWA161240. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the woodworking field, you may also be aware of this brand. Due to its status as the most recognized brand of tools among woodworkers.

The blade has 40 teeth if you don’t mind having a small number of teeth. As for the dimensions, these are smaller compared to the Avanti Pro. In addition, the weight is also slightly higher.

As long as you are ok with the changes in features of the DEWALT blade compared to the Avanti, you might consider it.


Blades are not all created equal, and here are a few features that make this Avanti saw blade review perfect. This blade is great for all kinds of woodworking. Even a newcomer can use it since it has a low price range.

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